When you don’t know what to do with your blog

Reaction Gifs is coming up on a year of being live now. In that time we posted a buttload of gifs, got hacked, upgraded our server, added more bandwidth, and we’ve seen some small growth… but not as much as we anticipated.  We want to make this a site that you all love, so please leave your suggestions in the comments and I will do my best to make improvements. Let’s get this thing rolling.





14 responses to “When you don’t know what to do with your blog”

  1. Melody Avatar

    Maybe some of the tags should be grouped together to make it a bit easier to find things? Like put things in subsections — like…actors as one big tag, and if you click on it, it leads you to a list of actors. The big tag cloud on the side though is just a bit daunting and unorganized. Some of the tags also seem kind of…strange…like “motorboat” or “ice cube”. Some of these could be consolidated and made into some sort of “Misc” group since there is only usually one or two GIFs per those off beat categories? Just ideas though — I personally love your site and all the best getting more attention!

  2. Nieske Vergunst Avatar

    I *love* reactiongifs. You could save on bandwidth by making the blog a tumblr and/or uploading the gifs on imgur. I second Melody’s suggestion to make the tags a bit more grouped or something (“hi” and “hey”, “shock” and “shocked”, “machoman” and “macho man”). I’d be happy to help out with the tags if you want!

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks for the great suggestions. I would use Tumblr, but they go down all the time, and I like the control of hosting it myself. I will see what I can do about those tags.

  3. RL Avatar

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but your RSS feed has all the content and no ads. Just thought I’d point that out, ’cause I really would like to see this site hang around.

  4. gerbert Avatar

    Thanks for all the great feedback!

  5. Jellylube Avatar

    Tags are way better i like alot more easy but umm i think you should up more gifs weekly if can

    1. gerbert Avatar

      Thanks, Jellylube, I’m on it!!

  6. guest Avatar

    tags are easiest, and why not just have an actual tumblr? makes more sense..

  7. Mr.H Avatar

    Dude, love the site, Is there any chance you could have each link pre-tiny’d for faster reactions?

    Have it so when you click the image, the tiny link of the original image is saved to our local clipboard, It may be difficult to do but even if the link was underneath the photo. That would be great!

    Also, whats up with the galleries? From looking at it you would think that is all the Gif’s you have. And Bandwidth, why don’t you use a image service like ‘Imgur’ or ‘Flickr’ to host the files, that way your bandwith would be minimal. Cheers!

    1. admin Avatar

      Mr.H, I somehow missed this comment. Thanks for the good suggestions, I like! I will be making these changes soon!

    2. gerbert Avatar

      Mr.H, I somehow missed this comment. Thanks for the good suggestions, I like! I will be making these changes soon!

  8. Paula Avatar

    I think the searching is the problem. Tags/keywords need to be really meaningful, accurate, and based on what a person might be looking for. If we can’t find it … ya know? As someone else said, some of those keywords are like, wtf?

  9. Jairarturo Avatar

    can you put the old gif, IN BEFORE GET CLOSE! its very usefull in forums

  10. GUESTFACE Avatar

    every time i look for a celebrity-specific gif i no get results :C