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Dat Ass

Booty had Jack Tripper like

Booty had Jack Tripper like…

Doing Shots


Jack Tripper has a shot at the Regal Beagle.


Jack Pops

Jack Tripper pops open a beer

Jack came down to the Ropers’ apartment to have a beer with Karen,┬áMr. Roper’s niece.

I just started watching these classics starting at Three’s Company: Season One

Jack Tripper Aroused

Jack Tripper arousal

Jack Tripper from Three’s Company makes some of the best reactions. I wish I could find a clip of him biting his fist or palm when a hot girl walked by. That would make a perfect reaction GIF for the ‘dat ass’ tag. If anybody can tell me the episode(s), I will make the GIF(s). Thanks!